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Custom-made pad printing automations

Pad printing automation for printing plastic baby care products

This custom made pad printing automation is built to print on plastic baby care items like bath thermometers, combs, soap boxes, brushes, cutlery, toilet potties, step stools and many other items. The pad printing machine is a standard TTN 600 EKO 6 TC with independent pad cylinder option. The pad printing machine is connected to a linear conveyor and the plastic can be pre-treated with a plasma unit. The substrates will be loaded manually. The conveyor will forward the items step by step to the plasma unit and then to the pad printing machine. After the printing, the conveyor will move the substrates upside down back to the unloading station. There, the substrates will be pushed out of the moulds after which they can be loaded again. At the front of the machine, the substrates will be handled with the linear conveyor. As an option, the pad printing machine can be rotated 180 degrees. At the backside of the machine, a 6 color shuttle is mounted. This shuttle can be used to print the substrates which do not fit on the linear conveyor.

This machine can print about 900 products per hour in 6 colors.

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