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Custom-made pad printing automations

Pad printing automation for printing reciprocating saw blades

This custom made pad printing automation is built to print reciprocating saw blades in many different sizes and qualities. The machine is equipped with a loading station where the blades can be loaded manually. This station is equipped with 2 lifting stations where the blades can be placed. These lifting stations have adjustable side guidings which can be set to the saw blade which will be printed.

The blades will be picked up from the lifting station and placed into a printing mold, 2 pieces at a time. These molds are mounted on a large 12 step indexing table. After the loading, the blades are pressed into the molds properly, so each blade is positioned correctly. Than the blades are transported through the machine with the indexing table. This way each set of blades will pass in total 3 printing stations where the actual pad printing is executed. These machines are TTN 250/100 open inkwell pad printing machines. Between the printing stations, the prints are dried with the help of cold air blowers. When the complete print is finished, the blades will be picked up from the indexing table with another pick and place unit. This unit will lay the blades onto a belt conveyor where the print can dry a little bit better. As final step, the blades will fall onto another conveyor. This conveyor is equipped with compartments. A sensor can detect the blades and count them. This way the machine can load each compartment with the same number of blades. This way the blades are grouped into sets which can be packed in a blister.

The machine can print aprox. 1700 blades per hour in 3 colors.

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