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TTN HP manual pad printing machines

Tampo Techniek Nederland BV also known as TTN has been a manufacturer of
pad printing equipment and consumables for more than 35 years. During this period, TTN has
grown into a very experienced supplier for the pad printing industry.

TTN HP manual pad printing machines

For this range of pad printing machines, you don’t need any air supply or electricity. These pad printing machines work mechanically and can be operated by hand like the name is telling you. You only need 1 hand to operate the pad printing machine. Even the 2-color version of this machine can be operated still with 1 hand. Your other hand is still available to put substrates in to the pad printing machine. Ideal for printing samples, small series or for use in surroundings where there is no electrical power available.

The pad printing machines can be delivered as a 1-color or a 2-color machines. They are equipped with closed ink cup systems allowing to print in max. 80mm diameter.


The TTN HP manual pad printing machines ARE AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING MODELS:

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